Some of the following may count as folk legends

   Appalachian dance (sometimes called Appalchian clogging) originated in the Southern part of the Appalachian mountains in the USA
    - birth place of Davy Crockett: home of the Blue Ridge Mountains and the Lonesome Pine.

   Growing from the dance forms of Anglo-Celtic and other settlers, it incorporated elements of Native American (Cherokee) dance and picked up rhythms developed by black American slaves.

   Buck dance and Flatfooting thrived in the same communities.

   Away from the "sophisticated" cities, folk traditions were an important part of daily life and helped this form of dance to survive.

   Driven by the urge to win square dance competions, dancers introduced an increasing range of steps. 

   As Broadway style tap dance developed, some dancers added taps to their dance shoes.  Others stuck with hard soled shoes without taps.

   The dance style started to become popular in the UK in the mid 1980s.  Over the years, dozens of Appalchian sides have been formed.

   Although strongly traditional, Appalachian dance (clogging) continues to develop using modern music and newly chorographed dances.


   For further information start searching:

appalachiandance.weebly com/
Susan Eike Spalding
Ira Bernstein
or even Wikipedia


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