New dancers are welome at any time.

   If you haven't done any Appalachian dancing before, Autumn is the best time to start - though any time from September to April works well.

   If you've danced Appalchian before (or are doing so now) come and dance with us whenever you like.

   If you are not sure whether you would enjoy it, you are welcome to pop along any Tuesday evening to see what we do.  We usually start at 8.00pm.

   We normally dance in tap shoes but it's not necessary.  Any comfortable shoes will do to start.  Hard soled shoes are best if you want to hear the rhythms made by your feet.

TAP DANCER?Girl dancer

     If you tap dance (or used to) and would like to get something more from it -
         we have the answer.

     Appalchian is social dance using rhythmic steps and continually changing formations.


  FOLK DANCER?Folk dancers

     If you like country or square dance, you can add some exciting steps.

    Appalachian uses step dance with appealing and satisfying rhythms.



  NOT SURE?Not sure

     If you don't know what it's like or aren't sure if you could do Appalachian dance:
    look in one Tuesday evening from 8.00pm (no charge, no obligation).

     Or you can always ask first - see Contact


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